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Welcome to our website. Aktinografia.gr is located at 125 Vas. Sofias Avenue, opposite the Hippocrates Hospital and next to the Pasteur Institute.

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Technology is now an important factor in dental science as a complementary diagnostic tool. To minimize exposure to radon, our dental clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art technology using only MORITA digital machines such as the Veraview X800®, Gold Award Winner



Dental Scan (CBCT)


3D dental x-ray showing jaws, teeth, nerves, bone and soft tissues in
high definition.

Digital Panoramic X -Ray


It images jaws, teeth, sinuses in 2D.

Lateral Cephalometric
X -Ray


Full Mouth Periapical
X- Ray


Rear x-ray images of tooth crowns

A Few Words


Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) resembles medical computed tomography, but is superior to the patient’s irradiation due to the reduced radiation dose that is 5 – 8 times smaller, depending on the irradiation field. Dental Scan provides excellent sharpness and high precision measurements.

Radiation Protection

In our clinic, in accordance with the principles
of radiation protection and recent European Directives, the construction of a special radiological room for complete radiation protection is foreseen. In addition we provide you with a lead collar apron for further radiation protection. At the same time we have selected the only one in Greece, internationally awarded Morita Veraview X800® digital cone beam computed tomography machine. This ensures that the patient receives the lowest dose of radiation and the doctor has the ideal diagnostic exam
with the highest resolution.



Radiology department features the latest generation, fully digital, Morita Veraview X800® Conical Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT). The unique clarity of image quality of the Morita Veraview X800® at 80µm and image resolution at 2.5 LP / mm, offers high definition detail, to provide patients with the lowest radiation with the highest resolution and the highest resolution measurements.